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Current account services

1.1.Opening an account for a legal entity or individual

120000 AMD for an account

1.2. Opening an account on a priority basis (within 1-3 business days from the date of receipt of a complete set of required documents)

280 000 AMD

1.3. Managing the legal entity’s or individual’s account

Annually 150000 AMD per account

1.4.Provision of information

3000 AMD

1.5. Audit inquiries

12 000 AMD

1.6. Provision of statements and certificates1

12 000 AMD

1.7. Provision of consulting services

Based on actual cost in AMD

1.8. Providing USB-dongle

24000 AMD


2.1 Internal transfer1

free of charge

2.2. External transfer in AMD1


(min 5 000 AMD, max 100 000 AMD)

2.3. External transfer (T+1)1


(min 30 000 AMD, max 120000 AMD for EUR)

(min 30 000 AMD, max 120 000 AMD for USD)

(min 30 000 AMD, max 120 000 AMD for RUR)

2.4. External transfer (T+2)1


(min 30 000 AMD, max 90 000 AMD for EUR)

(min 30 000 AMD, max 90 000 AMD for USD)

(min 30 000 AMD, max 90 000 AMD for RUR)

2.5. External transfer “Same day”1

60 000 AMD

(in addition to the outgoing payment cost)

2.6 Clarification of Terms of Payment or Cancellation

24,000 AMD (clarification)

60,000 AMD (for cancellation of the payment)

2.7.Refund of uncleared funds

60 000 AMD

2.8.Guaranteed commission GOUR2

30000 AMD

(in addition to the outgoing payment cost)

Visa Business card AMD / USD, AMD / EUR

3.1 Card issuance

150 000 AMD

3.2 Card maintenance cost

120 000 AMD

3.3 Minimum balance

Without any restrictions

3.4 Card re-issue (upon expiration of the card, in case of loss, damage, theft of the card, loss of PIN or its disclosure to third parties)

120 000 AMD

3.5 Annual interest accrued on the account balance


3.6 Issue of an additional card / VISA BUSINESS /

150 000 AMD

3.7 Placing the card in the international STOP LIST (for 7 days)

10 000 AMD

3.8 Daily cash withdrawal limit

1 500 000 AMD

3.9 Maximum number of cash withdrawals during the day


3.10 Withdrawing cash from Unibank’s ATMs and cash points


3.11 At other ATMs and cash points


3.12 Cashless transactions

Free of charge

3.13 Providing statement or sending it via e-mail

Free of charge

3.14 Card blocking

Free of charge

Other services

4.1. Currency exchange

At the current bank exchange rate

4.2 Preparation of a payment order at the client's request

24 000 AMD

4.3 Sending correspondence at the client's request

At actual cost

4.4 Making changes to the client's profile because of the changes in the corporate documents of the company

300 000 AMD

4.5 Provision of electronic statements of company accounts by bank employees

5 000 AMD

1. The bank may change the amount of the commission based on an agreement with the client.

2. According to the world practice of cashless transfers in US dollars, American correspondent banks automatically change the types of expenses from OUR to BEN and SHA, which leads to deduction of a commission from the transfer amount by any foreign intermediary bank, and therefore, the amount may not reach the final recipient in full, regardless of the instructions for paying the transfer costs specified in the application for transfers. Please consider this information when making transfers in US dollars.

NOTE: Current exchange rates are available at https://www.cba.am/en/sitepages/frates.aspx